GasTurb makes simulation tasks easy. The tutorials on this site give an overview of GasTurb's functionalities and provide a basis for applying the software to the gas turbine design process. The tutorials are designed for both newcomers and advanced users. 

Introduction to GasTurb

This three-part tutorial series provides an introduction to Gasturb's user interface and its most frequently used features.  

Tutorial 1: How to calculate a Gas Turbine Cycle

Tutorial I: How to calculate a Gas Turbine cycle

  • GasTurb Main Window
  • Design Point Calculation
  • Formula Editor
  • h-s-Diagrams
  • Iterations
Tutorial 2: Design Parametric Study

Tutorial II: Design Parametric Study

  • Conducting Parametric Studies
  • Contours & Design Limits
  • Parametric Studies with Iterations
Tutorial 3: Introduction to Off-Design Simulations

Tutorial III: Introduction to Off-Design Simulations

  • Off-Design Point Calculation
  • Usage of Component Maps
  • Operating Lines
  • Handling Bleeds

Advanced Topics

The following PowerPoint tutorials deal with more advanced topics:

  • Component Maps
  • Optimizing a Cycle
  • Preliminary Engine Design
  • Control System Simulation
  • Test Analysis
  • Use of Unscaled Maps
  • Introduction to Transient Simulations
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Electric Systems

These three PowerPoint tutorials describe the design and off-design calculation of hybrid-electric propulsion systems in GasTurb:

  • Design of a Series Electric Propulsion System
  • Off-Design Calculation 
  • Coupling with a Gas Turbine
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