Engine Dimensions and Weight

The geometry of the engine annulus may be derived using simple assumptions (or defaults).

A representative weight may also be calculated using the option for disc optimization.

Mean Line Compressor Design

In order support the engine pre-design with a preliminary design of the compressors, a Mean Line Design tool has been implemented in GasTurb.

GasTurb has the capability to conduct a detailed stage-by-stage design calculation of multistage axial compressors. This design calculation is based on a one-dimensional mean line flow analysis that calculates the aerodynamic and thermodynamic properties between each blade row (rotor or stator) of the compressor at the mean radius. These properties are calculated from design variables, design parameters and adaptable loss correlations.

In GasTurb 14 the capability to conduct a detailed design calculation of radial compressors was added.

Adjusted Drawings

If a drawing of the engine that should be modeled is available, then this can be used as background for defining the GasTurb engine geometry. This can be very helpful for designing the flow annulus and the disks.

A numerical optimization tool provides an aid in finding the disk shapes for minimum weight.